NO CHILDREN WILL BE ALLOWED AT THE STUDIO UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES (this includes group classes, private lessons, workshops and studio hire) as it is a liability issue with the swimming pool.

• The studio will only be open 15 minutes BEFORE the first class, if you arrive earlier please wait in your car/ outside until such time as the studio opens.

• The studio will close 15 minutes AFTER the last class, if you are using UBER/ third party transport please ensure that you call the transport 15 minutes before your class ends or prearrange the correct time for pick up.

NO PARKING ALLOWED outside the two garages on the left of the studio. “No Parking” signs will be placed on these garages accordingly.

DO NOT wear cream/lotion/ jewellery to pole class (do not use lotion on that day at all).

• Please check your pole is secure BEFORE you use it.

• Please clean the pole properly with pole cleaner BEFORE AND AFTER your class.

• ALL bookings will be made via the Bookamat App. An invite link will be sent to you accordingly to register and any bookings made outside of the App will be considered null and void.

• When you are booking on the Bookamat App please check if you are booked into the class or placed on the waiting list as if you are on the waiting list and you come to class you will be turned away. Only those students booked into the class will be allowed to attend.

• All classes not cancelled by you at least 5 hours before (20:00 the night before in the case of morning/weekend classes) will be forfeited unless there is an emergency or special circumstances. If you do not cancel your class within this time frame the class will automatically be deducted off your class credits on the App. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

• Four (4) or more people need to book for a class to take place otherwise it will be cancelled. You will be notified of such cancellation well in advance (at least 5 hours before) and you will then have the option to rebook for another class during the month.

• Please book pole classes that are for your level and not according to a time that suits you. If you book a class not suitable for your level your booking will be blocked. There are pole cards available in studio to assist you in determining which pole level class you should be in (Please ask your pole instructor to assist you with your pole card).

• There are no claiming of poles at the studio, it will be on a first come first serve basis!

• All bookings requested after nine (9) people have already booked for a POLE class will be placed on a waiting/ cancellation list as per the App.

• Classes missed can be caught up, however all catch up classes MUST be made up WITHIN the month, there are NO carry over classes to the next month as per the App. Please be consistent with your lessons. NO EXCEPTIONS.

• Contracts can be put on hold for a month if you are going away but please let me know in advance if you would like to place your contract on hold for the following month. Contracts can only be put on hold at the beginning of each month.

• If you would like to purchase water/ energade please buy a water card which gives you 10 waters for R55.00. Please let the instructor mark it off (if you have a water card) and let her get it for you. No more cash purchases will be allowed.

Happy Poling!! 🌸🌸🌸

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