• DO NOT wear cream/lotion/Jewellery to pole class (do not use lotion on that day at all)

• Please clean the pole after your class especially if you used grip aid.

 • Bookings for the week only open the Sunday afternoon before.   • All classes not cancelled by you at least 4 hours before will be forfeited unless there is an emergency or special circumstances (this does *NOT* include car trouble/ traffic/ working late etc.)

 • Four (4) or more people need to book for a class to take place otherwise it will be cancelled. You will be notified of such cancellation well in advance (at least 4 hours before).

 • Bookings must be made on the group properly and are essential to reserve your spot in the class e.g. (Monday- 5:15 and 6pm). Please also ensure that your profile name on WhatsApp contains your full name so that the instructor knows who is booking which class for her class list. 

 • All bookings requested after eight (8) people have already booked for a POLE class will be placed on a waiting/ cancellation list.

 • Classes missed can be caught up, however all catch up classes MUST be made up WITHIN the month, there are NO carry over classes to the next month EXCEPT for classes missed in the last week of the month which may be caught the following week only. Please be consistent with your lessons.

 •  Contracts can be put on hold for a month if you are going away but please let me know in advance if you would like to place your contract on hold.

 • One (1) class means any 45 minute class so if you are on a 2 x week contract you can only a attend two 45 minutes classes that week unless you are making up a class from the week before. If you would like to increase your class package please let us know.

 • You need to buy your own grip aid as the ones at the studio are for you to test and try before you buy a grip aid that is suitable for you. • If you would like to purchase water/energade please pay cash or buy a water card which gives you 10 waters for R50.00. Please let the instructor mark it off (if you have a water card) and let her get it for you.


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